Car Doctor


Vehicle Maintenance

Servicing starts at $88 for most make and models.

$65 for Private Hire Cars (PHC)

Tyre Patching & Replacements

Depending on type and severity prices

Start at $10

Oil & Brake Checks

Preparing for that trip up north? Feel free to come for pre-drive checks.
Considering that user/second-hand car? 

Pre-purchase inspection from $80 depending on make and model

Battery Change

Upgrade your vehicle’s battery for improved performance, reliability and safety.

Extend your vehicle’s lifespan with our friendly battery change service!

Accident Claims

Have you been in an accident? Don’t stress – our accident claims service is here to help.

We’re friendly, professional, and ready to assist you.

Engine Repairs

Is your engine acting up? No worries – our engine repair service is here to help.

Trust us for friendly, professional assistance.

On-site / Emergency Services

We are able to handle most flat tyre and battery issues, including motorcycles! We also offer pickup or drop-off during operating hours.

Wheel Alignment / Tyre Balancing

Wheel alignment reduces tyre wear and ensures straight vehicle travel.  Angles can be adjusted beyond specifications for specific handling.

This is vital for motorsport and off-road vehicles.

Grooming / Detailing

Limited to appointment only*

Offers Pest Fumigation, Steam Cleaning, Interior Grooming. Accessory Installation.