Car Doctor

Car Doctor Pte Ltd

What comes to your mind when you read the name? Don’t tell us, we’ll let you decide.

Our company has been operating since 2011, albeit under a different name.

While those who have been with us since our inception are aware of this fact, it is inconsequential for those who are unfamiliar with our past.

In an industry where differentiation is a challenge, our goal is to distinguish ourselves by providing quality services without resorting to scams, gimmicks, or unrealistic pricing strategies. We aim to offer the best possible goods and services while maintaining our competitiveness and increasing customer satisfaction.

Our logo, featuring a cross ‘+’ and a red capital ‘R’, is representative of our core values. The cross signifies our commitment to helping vehicles last longer and get back on the road, while the ‘R’ is an ode to our passion and enthusiasm for motorsports.
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Our Vision

Auto Specialist Hospital

To be the leading Automotive ‘Hospital’ for treating vehicles from all makes and models with different ‘Specialist’ departments for specific ‘Treatments’.


Sylvester Han

Loved tinkering with toys & stuff when young. 

Dreamt of being a race car driver, like every hot blooded, young motorsports enthusiast. 

Why does everyone aim to be one? Maybe because of the glamour & status but sadly, circumstances and other factors made him realign his focus.  If everybody wants the fun and prestige then who’s going to do the ‘dirty’ job?

Pang Jun Yong (Ah Yong)

Do not be fooled by his age.

Although only 25 years of age as of 2023, he is considered quite well versed.  He is interested in tech stuff and cars.


Our go to buy for vehicle air-conditioning problems or issues.  Talk to him about motorcycles and his eyes will light up.